Salesforce Competency Center established in Budapest

Virgo Systems, Hungary's leading digital product development company, in collaboration with Fluido, a Finnish-based company with 12 European offices and a Salesforce Summit Partner certification, has established a Salesforce Competency Center in Budapest, Hungary. The agreement between the two companies aims to fulfil the international clients' Salesforce transformational needs.

The newly established Competency Center’s primary goal is to provide high-quality service to Fluido’s international clients, leveraging the expertise of Hungarian Salesforce developers. In addition to participating in professionally challenging projects, the experts will engage in training to ensure their continuous growth and deepening knowledge about the ever-evolving CRM ecosystem.

“Expanding into Eastern Europe has long been part of our strategic plans. After acquiring the Danish/Slovakian company Bitlayer s.r.o in 2014, we sought a partner who is well-known with the Hungarian IT market and shares similar values as Fluido,” stated Thomas Johanson, CEO of the Finnish company. “There are many similarities between Virgo Systems and Fluido, both in terms of professional aspects and corporate culture. During the months of preparation, we have also confirmed their capability to establish and operate the Competency Center, which will further strengthen our position in the international Salesforce market.”

Founded in 2010, Fluido currently operates in 10 European countries, with 12 offices and over 500 employees. The year 2018 marked a significant turning point for the company, which was already a regional dominant player, as it was acquired by Infosys, becoming a significant global player in the Salesforce scene while retaining its identity and values towards clients and employees.

“It’s not new for our company to venture into new territories, but with Fluido as our partner, success is almost guaranteed,” commented Bence Laczkovich, CEO of Virgo Systems, a company with a 23-year history. “Our goal is to swiftly build a competitive team capable of standing its ground on international projects. Our Salesforce experts will not only engage in challenging tasks but will also undergo training to ensure their knowledge remains up-to-date.”

Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM software, stands as the premier solution for digitising and automating marketing and sales. The continuous evolution of cloud-based software and the growing digitalisation expectations from clients necessitate specialised expertise for platform-based developments. The Hungarian Salesforce Competency Center aims to fulfil these demands at a high level.

About Fluido

Fluido is the leading Salesforce consultancy empowering our customers’ business through the Salesforce platform. Our vision is to become the most respected partner and desired employer in the Salesforce ecosystem while upholding our company values of trust, friendship and customer success. Dedicated to guiding you on your journey, we offer boutique Salesforce consulting services in 13 European countries. Our global scalability, combined with the local expertise of our consultants, ensures a successful digital transformation for your organisation. Fluido is part of the Infosys family, a global leader in next-generation AI-led digital services and consulting.


About Virgo Systems

Virgo Systems holds substantial professional experience in the domestic market, focusing on unique web development, advisory services based on agile methodologies, and the conception and development of competitive digital products. Operating on an international scale, the organisation employs over 150 individuals across two locations in Budapest and Veszprém. Virgo Systems’ main activities include enterprise and e-commerce development, business and IT consulting, and startup incubation. The company actively participates in advanced training and support for Hungarian developer talent in collaboration with Veszprém University.

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