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Fluido Manufacturing Forum: Speed of Change

Manufacturers’ future viability depends on learning to think and act like digital natives. As the speed of digital change increases, there is a need for new more agile strategies.

Fluido Manufacturing Forum: Speed of Change event drills into why and how manufacturers need to keep up with the fast changing world.

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Build vs. Buy: Making the Right Choice

Organisations relying on Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Field Service are well on their way to digital transformation. As they recognise the growing need for asset-centric functionality such as Depot Repair, Return Shipments, Automation, Entitlements, Warranties, and Service Contracts, service organisations are evaluating their options. Should we build the functionality on the Salesforce platform or invest in a ready solution, such as Asset 360 for Salesforce, to close the requirements gap?


The Evolution of Wealth Management

In this on-demand webinar, an expert panel will discuss the challenges the wealth management sector is experiencing in evolving the technology and services on offer to support the changing expectations of their client base. We’ll also explore how all parties can develop and modernise their services to support engagement, enhance experience and drive efficiencies. The experts will share their knowledge, experience, and vision of what can be done to transform your organisation to fit the modern environment and customer needs.


Actionable Insights with Tableau CRM

Today, with masses of data generated every second, collecting and analyzing data isn’t enough anymore. Insights provide value only when they are turned into actions.


Increasing Digital Competitiveness for Business Schools

Join us in a discussion with the CDO of BI Norwegian Business School Elin Borrebaek on how BI has adapted to the challenges in the new normal and the role technology plays in their digitalisation strategy to support their business requirements.


Top 10 Learnings from Field Service Management Rollouts

Is your organisation considering implementing a solution to manage your field service technicians and assets? In this webinar, we will show you how to best prepare for the implementation, share some strategic tips, and list our top practical learnings from real-life implementation projects that you could use straight away — and create value for your organisation by avoiding potentially costly mistakes.


The New Era of Digital Experience in Higher Education

We’ve seen years of digital transformation in just a few months. With an increased emphasis on remote learning, lifelong learning, and quick upskilling and reskilling, as well as increased competition in the education sector, it is vitally important for the higher education institutions to ensure a great digital experience for all stakeholders to stay relevant.


It's Time to Modernize the Talking

Modern companies that are striving to provide superior customer experience should view voice as one of the most important communication channels. Voice is the channel where influencing and touching the customers emotionally can be done for up-selling, improved customer retention and resolving the most complex and sensitive issues.


4 Things to Consider when Selecting a New eCommerce Platform

In this webinar, we will focus on the main things to consider when choosing an eCommerce platform, how it works alongside normal sales & account relationship management, as well as the ingredients of success in self-service in the b2b space.


Reimagining Manufacturing Industry Customer Experience in a New Normal

Industry 4.0 technologies have been transforming manufacturers’ operations for the past years. During the past months, many of these technologies have been put through a test in a new normal. Together with leading Nordic Salesforce customers, Fluido’s experts will discuss how companies are adjusting their business and using technology to form a new customer experience to prevail and succeed in challenging times.


Creating Value with Intelligent and Data-driven Marketing Automation

In this webinar, we will look at how companies drive intelligent marketing automation and hear the story of Avinor’s journey towards it. We will also talk about how Fluido approaches data and analytics projects and how Salesforce’s platform enables marketers to bring their analytics to the next level.


Best Practices of Implementing Field Service Automation

Are you thinking about improving the speed and efficiency of your field service operations and need some best practices, practical experiences, and tips to get you started? In this webinar, we discuss the key elements you need to pay attention to when choosing a field service solution and starting your first project.


Gain rapid insight into your business with Salesforce Einstein Analytics Apps

In a world full of data, it is vital to be able to get meaningful insights and understanding of your company data to make better decisions. Einstein Analytics enables you to capture, analyze and explore valuable and actionable insights. It helps you see the big picture, yet not too far away from the details. If you would like to accelerate from Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce or if you are just curious about Einstein Analytics, this webinar recording is for you.


Trust in Your Salesforce Data Recovery Plan

The upcoming retiring of the Salesforce last-resort Data Recovery service is an excellent opportunity to remember that a proactive backup and recovery has always been a required and recommended best practice. After watching the recording of this webinar, you will learn more about native backup options, as well as the five things you should optimize for when it comes to a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy.


Harness the Power of Your Data With b2c Marketing Automation

In this webinar recording, we will provide you with concrete examples of how you can gain the most value out of your data when using marketing automation. The webinar is aimed at companies looking into leveraging marketing automation in their marketing strategy and getting the most value from their Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solution.


Customer-Centric b2b eCommerce

In this free webinar recording, we will guide you through what we see as customer-centric b2b commerce and how it can help you generate online revenue fast and easily scale for growth, provide you with b2b digital commerce success cases as well as brief you on the product updates from Dreamforce. After watching this webinar, you will learn how you can take b2b customer centricity to the next level as well as drive maximum value and growth for your business.


Creating success with contract-based sales and CPQ

In this recording of the webinar together with Salesforce and Finnair, you will learn about the main challenges of managing contracts and related processes and how you can address these, how you can streamline your contract lifecycle management using CPQ with Renewals and Amendments for up-/ cross-sales, and how customers like Finnair use CPQ to streamline their frame agreements and B2B sales process.


5 Considerations to Ensure a Successful CPQ Project

The purpose of this webinar recording is to prepare you before embarking on a CPQ project, as well as to guide you through the different areas your business should consider and give you concrete examples of how these areas are influenced by a CPQ tool. When preparing for a CPQ implementation, one could easily get confused about where and how to start — what is necessary to do before even choosing the CPQ platform and what can be decided later on.

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