Increasing Digital Competitiveness for Business Schools

How are institutions like BI Norwegian Business School coping with the changing competitive environment in the new digital world?

The emergence of online education has made competition for education institutions more international and global and forced them to think of digital delivery models for education. COVID has accelerated this change and pushed higher education institutions across the globe to redefine their operating models and adapt very quickly to the new remote environments and tools. Traditional delivery models for education have been challenged to include digital channels.

New competitors and players are also getting hold of the global online education market, estimated by some to be worth up to $375 billion in 2026. The EdTech platform company Coursera had its IPO in March 2021 and is currently valued at $6 billion. Competition for students — especially with the emergence of online platforms and tools to both consume and produce learning content remotely — has taken on a more global reach. There are big challenges for the new online delivery model, too: how to build a community, engage students and deliver an inclusive learning experience? How does traditional education position against Edtech companies, tech giants like Google, Microsoft, executive search organisations, and consulting companies?

Join us in discussion with the CDO of BI Norwegian Business School, Elin Borrebaek, on how BI has adapted to the challenges in the new normal and the role technology plays in their digitalisation strategy to support their business requirements.

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