Fluido Webinar: Cloud Test Data Management with Informatica

30 minute read

When testing new solutions in your Salesforce Sandbox, the lack and poor quality of test data often becomes an issue or then you end up using a lot of time and money in manually importing test data to your Salesforce Sandbox.

This webinar is entirely about saving time and money in your Salesforce development. If you’ve ever struggled with some of the following questions, have a look at this webinar to see how Cloud Test Data Management can help you!

  • Do you have several development sandboxes in your Salesforce org?
  • Each used for a slightly different purpose?
  • Have you ever done the math of time and money spent on creating test data on those?
  • What data are you giving out if “a sample of your customer data” is requested?
  • Slightly outdated but still live and real data?
  • What if you could mask it?
  • Would you feel even slightly more secure?

Hannele Koivu

Business Development Manager


Aki Teronen

Head of Technology, Founder, Board member

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