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Salesforce for Financial Industry

Technology innovation in Financial Services is moving quickly with today’s available tools, portals are the preferred future method of communication.

Digital Integration and evolution of Wealth Management: technology gaps and solutions.


Skill gaps and flexible workforces: Banks’ Post-Pandemic Challenges

The pandemic has forced banks into a sudden and unexpected experimental season. Now, that transition is close to an end, and a new era will start soon. In many cases, banks have honed their approaches to hybrid working, but those critical decisions are not the only decisions but changes that might prove to be even more complex.

  • Gaps in valuing soft and hard skills
  • A more flexible and efficient workplace
  • A new workplace that works for everyone

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The Future of Financial Services

The future of financial services is digital. There is a large demographic wealth transfer underway as baby boomers leave their assets to the next generation. Luckily, the opportunities to delight are wide open for example: Automate strategically — target problematic areas to drive efficiency, speed, and accuracy to improve the customer experience.

  • The Digital-First Demand First-Class experiences
  • Meeting Customers Where They Are
  • Making Better Business Decisions with Better Data and New Partners

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NextGen or LostGen – The need to develop new client acquisition strategies

Providing an informed platform for further their debate and discussion about NextGen and new customer targeting and acquisition in financial services.

  • Scene settings – Consumer behaviour and sentiment
  • Scene settings – Adviser behaviour and sentiment
  • Issues and Barriers to Development
  • Approaches and Solutions for targeting NextGen and New Clients
  • Meeting the needs of Customers in 2023 and beyond

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Technology Solutions on Evolution in Wealth Management

The wealth management industry is undergoing an evolution, both in terms of client needs and the availability of tools that can help firms manage
customer experiences more efficiently. As clients grow accustomed to the ease and flexibility that digital technology offers in other industries, they’ve come to expect similar conveniences when it comes to their interactions with advisors.

At the same time, advisory firms want to improve customer experiences while managing cost by reducing administrative burdens and driving operational scale.


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The pressure is on Wealth Management

The wealth and asset management value chain is hitting a critical point in its evolution. The global pandemic has exposed the lack of innovation when it comes to the ‘engagement layer’ of its proposition, and the pace of change is crippling all parties involved, ultimately to the detriment of the customer.

The speed of technological change and the impact of wealth being transferred from older to younger generations is piling pressure on wealth management service providers.


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Customer story: S-Bank: Automating marketing with an improved customer journey

Founded in 2007 on the back of 100 years of savings bank history, S-Bank is now a retail bank with 3,000,000 customers, 2,1 million issued cards and together with FIM subsidiary, 6,9 billion euros in managed assets. Services range from private saving accounts to asset management for institutions. The bank is part of the S-Group cooperative and is one of Finland’s largest banks.

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