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Streamlining success: how Throp Financial Planning transformed client management with Salesforce and Fluido

Discover how Throp Financial Planning transformed their client and case management processes with Salesforce and Fluido, driving efficiency and enhancing user experience.

Throp Financial Planning is a successful financial planning business providing advice and ongoing services to clients. With over two decades of experience in financial planning and wealth management and multiple offices, Throp Financial Planning helps clients across the UK meaning they have developed a large client base and where efficient processes are key to their success.

Scaling Up: The Need for Enhanced Processes and Automation

As the business has scaled, the management team at Throp recognised a need to build more robust processes and automations to increase productivity and enhance business insights and reporting to meet new regulatory requirements (Consumer Duty).

“As we’ve scaled the business, some of our processes had become quite onerous, not just in tracking progress but also reporting on the pipeline. We were using up too much time collating information with a reliance on individuals for updates,” says Nicola Crozier, Director at Throp Financial Planning.

Implementing Fluido Wealth360: A Salesforce Service Cloud Solution

Fluido introduced their Salesforce Service Cloud-based proposition, Fluido Wealth360, demonstrating how structured and seamless opportunity and case management capabilities could create more capacity within the Operations teams, improve hand-off to other team members and drive real-time reporting and insights. Initially embarking on a thorough Discovery process, the Fluido and Throp teams reviewed key business processes, architectural fitment of the solution with other technology, and the needs of the users and management to determine the best route forward and roadmap of delivery.

“We knew there must be a better way to manage this work, make us more efficient as a team and consolidate our reporting. We needed a solution that could be easily tailored to our needs but also had the core capabilities to make us more efficient. When we saw Wealth360 we could see the value this was going to add and support a singular view of client activities and progress as well as a clear and compliant audit trail,” Nicola explains.

Results and Future Prospects

Following the discovery exercise, Fluido began to develop the configured solution to meet the core needs of Throp, guiding the aligned team on features and functionality and demonstrating the value add these would bring to the business. Within four weeks, the solution was in place and ready to be used in production, initially tested by two members of the operations team. Some minor amendments were required to finesse the solution before it was ready for wider use.

The solution was delivered via an Outsource Service Provision (OSP) model, meaning that Throp has access to licensing, enhancements, and ongoing support in one bundled subscription, contracted with Fluido. This provides Throp with a clear commercial model and assurance that the solution is leveraging the latest capability and is maintained easily in line with changing business needs.

Since going live, Throp has been able to remove a number of manual tasks, have real-time access to the latest client updates, and a more comprehensive reporting suite to understand workloads and demand.

“We’ve been able to remove spreadsheets from many of our processes and now have a much more effective means to manage our workload. Cases are now easy to track. We can transfer ownership across the team, and have real-time updates on the pipeline and a detailed audit trail to support our compliance process.

We also now have consistent and real-time reporting available to us, which is a significant time-saving feature for us. Ultimately, we’re making it easier for our team to do their job, and we can see Fluido Wealth360 being a core tool to support our future business growth at Throp Financial Planning, ” Nicola explains.

"We've had great support from the team at Fluido in getting us up and running. The Fluido team is very responsive when we need changes made or have queries as we embed Wealth360."

Nicola Crozier, Director at Throp Financial Planning

For more information on the Fluido Wealth360 offering, please click here.

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