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Dinair Clean Air: Fluido has innovative out-of-the-box thinking

Dinair Clean Air Oy, established in 1979, provides air filters for office, hospital, industrial and residence buildings all over Finland. Starting from 2015, the company belongs to Swedish Dinair Group. Previously, it used to be part of Halton Group.

An important part of the operations is real estate mapping that is done at the customer’s site. “The mapping lists all the ventilation units and suitable filters in the customer’s premises and optimizes the best possible filtering solutions for the location. These mappings form the base for all sales and customer self-help,” Development Manager Christian Mylius explains.

Valuable mappings in one place

The challenge for Dinair Clean Air was having a general overview of the business. The salespeople knew the customers personally, but it was difficult to plan the operations and see the customer base value on a company level.

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Kirsi Nyberg and Christian Mylius

The company wanted to get the real estate mappings, which were in Excel format, away from the computers of the salespeople and move them to a more manageable system. “We wanted to get this business-critical data into one centralized, transparent system,” Managing Director Kirsi Nyberg says.


“Halton had their requirements for global business, and we had our needs for real estate mappings. Salesforce.com met both of these requirements, and it also had a very intuitive web user interface. Fluido convinced us with their Salesforce expertise as a local partner,” Mylius says.

Added value from expertise and usage tips

Fluido’s expertise has been valuable when customizing Salesforce.com for Dinair Clean Air. “We have customer-specific prices and wide product selection of 15,000 items. We needed a solution to generate the prices according to the given set of rules,” Mylius explains. “Fluido has also created a custom product and price generator for special products. After the salesperson gives the measurements of the filter, the system calculates the prices despite the fact that a similar item may have never been manufactured before.”

"It pays off to think about your sales process and how it flows from one step to another. And don’t forget the users: the goal should not be getting the system technically operational, but to get everybody to use the system."

Christian Mylius, Development Manager, Dinair Clean Air Oy

The Salesforce system had been in use for a few years when the company was acquired by Dinair Group. That led to an extensive migration project in the summer of 2015. “We had to separate Dinair Clean Air’s data from Halton and with the help of Fluido, the project went smoother than I expected. The minor issues that occurred were discovered and fixed fast,” Mylius recalls.

Managing Director Nyberg is also pleased with the partnership with Fluido. “They are easy to reach, innovative, and offer good advice about features suitable for our needs. Fluido has the courage to think out of the box. Their idea of ‘Being closer to the customer’ matches our mode of operation.”

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Dinair Clean Air: Fluido has innovative out-of-the-box thinking

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