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S-Bank: Automating marketing with an improved customer journey

Founded in 2007 on the back of 100 years of savings bank history, S-Bank is now a retail bank with 3,000,000 customers, 2,1 million issued cards and together with FIM subsidiary, 6,9 billion euros in managed assets. Services range from private saving accounts to asset management for institutions. The bank is part of the S-Group cooperative and is one of Finland’s largest banks.

Scalable and user-friendly solution

In spring 2017, S-Bank’s legacy system was due to be replaced, with the goal of unifying tools and systems within S-Group. Specifications for the new system included scalability, an easy-to-use interface, and effortless maintenance to ensure agility. Salesforce Marketing Cloud met these needs and S-Bank adopted its newsletter tool.

“Our primary aim is to enhance our customer experience and to gain valuable insights for the customer’s benefit,” tells Saija Lindfors, S-Banks Director, Digital Customers.

Customer relationship models are an integral part of S-Bank’s communications. These models track each customer’s current situation, and whether they are using all the services suitable for them. In addition, these models yield insight that helps personalize the content that is relevant for S-Bank customers to various channels. These models are intrinsic to S-Bank’s day-to-day operations and turning data into useful services and content for the customers.

Salesforce up and running in 2.5 months

The S-Group had the biggest responsibility in Salesforce’s deployment, while the S-Bank was responsible for integrating their business unit into the Marketing Cloud. Regardless, sunsetting the old system and migrating the functionality and customer relationship models into Salesforce Marketing Cloud was done in 2.5 months. In the future, S-Bank will further enhance customer relationship models with the use of Salesforce Journey Builder; other opportunities are also being assessed.

"Fluido’s way of working is very flexible, and they are more approachable than bigger IT vendors."

Saija Lindfors, Director, Digital Customers, S-Bank

Self-reliant departments

At the moment, Marketing Cloud is fulfilling the old system’s role, but in the future, S-Bank aims at more self-sufficient digital customers department by utilizing Marketing Cloud’s full potential. After the positive initial experience, S-Bank is also planning to move all remaining newsletters to Salesforce. This will allow the bank to relinquish other (now redundant) newsletter systems, further decreasing costs.

“In the future, we can examine and optimize the customer journey models ourselves better than before,” Lindfors describes the plans ahead.

S-Bank will be able to better meet its customers’ needs and desires with a more advanced marketing automation and communications solution. In addition, the future-proof and scalable solution ensures that any further needs within marketing automation can be addressed using the same platform to create a rich and unified digital customer experience across channels.

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