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KONE: Accelerating innovation together with Fluido and Salesforce

KONE is a Finnish company on a mission to improve the flow of urban life. As a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, KONE provides elevators, escalators and automatic building doors, as well as solutions for maintenance and modernization, which add value to the lifecycle of any building. Through more effective People Flow®, KONE makes journeys safe, convenient, and reliable in taller, smarter buildings.

Innovation partner for transformation

KONE has been an early Salesforce Trailblazer since 2006 when the solution was first implemented as a CRM. Since then, its use has expanded greatly. As part of a long-running transformation journey within maintenance services in KONE, a solution that once included only 6 000 sales personnel will extend to also include 30 000 maintenance workers. Next, KONE will start a transformation journey toward elevator condition monitoring, maintenance planning, and predictive maintenance models.

In terms of Salesforce governance, KONE has assumed a model where their own IT services together with maintenance partners are responsible for small-scale development, testing, and support services; while local and focused partners complement with project deliveries. Following this pattern, Fluido has evolved from just release management and support service provider into a partner that develops KONE’s services further and focuses on new innovative projects.

A finger on a pulse of progress

Salesforce provides an opportunity that is also sometimes a challenge — a dozen new releases and solutions in a year. Therefore, it is challenging for KONE to distinguish the most relevant content — and this is where Fluido, as a 100% Salesforce-focused partner, helps greatly. Having the finger on the pulse of Salesforce and knowing the customer inside out, Fluido finds the most suitable solutions for KONE. Thanks to the proximity and close relationships with relevant stakeholders, development with Fluido is effective and fast-paced.


"Before we mainly used isolated resources and managed things ourselves, but today we buy whole projects and total solutions from Fluido."

Kari Leppänen, Head of CRM, KONE


Fluido is fluent in rapid development, prototyping, and extending the boundaries of the basic features and capabilities of the platform. A great example of this is a mobile application for the maintenance unit that is connected to the core platform — an approach initiated by the Fluido team to create more efficiency and transparency.

Fluido’s ability to design and implement new solutions at a rapid pace derives from its service design principles. Usability is emphasized from the beginning, so user stories and desired user experiences are visualized for the relevant business needs early on and modeled onto the platform.


"KONE has great experiences of a designer being present from the get-go. When going through specifications we don’t have obscure PowerPoint slides but some very good mock-up screens. This makes development faster and delivers predictable results."

Kari Leppänen,Head of CRM, KONE


Efficient tools on time

Since Fluido is involved already in the design phase of development projects, KONE can make decisions and move forward with its projects more efficiently as schedules and relevant costs are known earlier than before. With its deep Salesforce expertise, Fluido delivers effective solutions for the business on the platform.


"They act absolutely fast in our environment and estimate better than many how long a project will it take. Above all this is due to their knowledge of our culture, industry-specific details and the fact that Fluido is very deep in our systems."

Kari Leppänen,Head of CRM, KONE

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