The Secret Sauce for Success with Salesforce

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What is the common denominator for leading Salesforce customers and what is their secret sauce? The question itself has multiple dimensions to it. Together with our training team, we shed some light on the topic.

Building a center of excellence

Since Fluido became part of the Trailhead Academy Authorized Training Provider Program in the Nordics back in 2011, it has been clear to us that companies investing in internal Salesforce competence are more likely to realize the business benefits of the platform. The internal #SalesforceSuperheroes responsible for promoting user adoption, increasing user satisfaction, and driving productivity become the center of excellence and the evangelists for the good Salesforce story within the company.

Leveraging speed and innovation

The agility, speed, and innovation of the Salesforce platform is highly appreciated among customers. With continuous updates, Salesforce ensures your CRM is future-proof and cater you with the capabilities to address the needs of a changing business environment. By leveraging a knowledgeable internal team and the right partner, your business can adapt to the needs of the customers more quickly, be more agile, and get more value out of the latest innovations on the Salesforce platform.

The value of authorized training

Graduates of our Trailhead Academy Authorized Training courses gain new knowledge and appreciation of the capabilities and benefits of Salesforce, as well as a network of peers with whom they learn together during and even after the course. For many, a training course proves an effective way to prepare for a Salesforce certification exam. These certified individuals form the foundation of your internal center of excellence in Salesforce.

The feedback we receive from our graduates is consistent: not only are our trainings fun and informative, but our trainers are excellent — highly proficient and extremely knowledgeable. For all training attendees, we’ve seen first-hand how much of a difference training can bring. The right training can instill confidence and a sense of ownership that empowers them to really roll up their sleeves and get involved in the platform — and even set an example to others within the company to do the same.

A variety of training courses

From the early days of “one size fits all” training, Fluido now caters a variety of training courses depending on the user role and your specific needs. Below are some examples of training courses from the Fluido curriculum:

Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience
Extensive and interactive, this is the core training that ensures your success with Salesforce Lightning

Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins in Lightning Experience
Comprehensive and hands-on, this course is for administrators who are ready to significantly ramp up their skills.

Essentials for Marketing Cloud Email Marketers
This course gets you up and running on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Application.

Fluido is the only Trailhead Academy Authorized Training Provider with certified trainers based in the Nordics. We offer trainings across the Nordics and Europe, and we have a Trailhead Academy Authorized Training Center in Finland.

Check out our upcoming courses in our training calendar and become a #SalesforceSuperhero!

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Here’s what our course participants tell about the courses:

“Excellent instructor, helpful and easy to understand. His grasp of the material was excellent.”

“The course was very interactive which definitely made learning easier.”

“The instructor was able to provide real-life examples also regarding how certain features have been used in companies which is of utmost importance.”

“Very very nice way of providing the training, fully positive atmosphere here at the classroom for the whole week! Excellent training skills and methods, from the first moments of introductions to the very end of the course.”

“Will definitely recommend the course from both content and trainer point of view – both inside our own company and externally, too.”

Pauliina Löytty

Head of People & Culture, Salesforce Certified Instructor

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