The secret sauce for success with Salesforce

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What is the common denominator for companies using Salesforce effectively? It is their capability to utilize the solution to their advantage. And how do they do that? By growing and cherishing the skills of their Salesforce experts.

Why is your company training its employees? In many cases training is done on practical reasons: a new software is implemented or a new hire starts in the company. But training your employees has many direct business benefits too.

Building a center of excellence

Since Fluido became part of the Trailhead Academy Authorized Training Provider Program in the Nordics back in 2011, it has been clear to us that companies investing in internal Salesforce competence are more likely to realize the business benefits of the platform.

Obviously graduates of Salesforce training courses gain new knowledge and appreciation of the capabilities and benefits of the solution. Also, the right training can instill confidence and a sense of ownership that empowers them to really roll up their sleeves and get involved in the platform — and set an example to others within the company to do the same. For many, the training course also proves an effective way to prepare for a Salesforce certification exam.

These certified individuals form the foundation of your internal center of excellence and that in turn plays an important role for your company’s Salesforce success. These knowledgeable individuals are responsible for promoting user adoption, increasing user satisfaction, and driving productivity. They also act as the evangelists for the Salesforce story inspiring others within your company.


Leveraging speed and innovation

The agility, speed, and innovation of the Salesforce platform is highly appreciated among customers. With continuous updates, Salesforce ensures your CRM is future-proof and caters you with the capabilities to address the needs of a changing business environment.

Somebody in your company needs to be aware of these changes and all the possibilities they provide. By leveraging a knowledgeable internal team, you can grasp the latest possibilities of Salesforce.

This way your business can adapt to the needs of the customers more quickly, be more agile, and get more value out of the latest innovations before your competition.


Fluido caters a variety of training courses depending on your specific needs. On top of the Salesforce Trailhead Academy training, we can also organize tailored custom training courses for your company. The feedback we receive from our customers is consistent: not only are our training courses fun and informative, but our trainers are excellent — highly proficient and extremely knowledgeable. Read more about our training services here.

Pauliina Löytty

Head of People & Culture

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