Continuous care for your Salesforce solution

When you want to feel safe and sound with your Salesforce solution, take us onboard with the flexible Fluido Care service.

We want to make sure you get the best return on investment out of your Salesforce solution. Fluido Care helps you with your Salesforce development regardless if your priority is sales, customer care, marketing or even complete digital transformation.

Fluido Care is a flexible service for maintaining and developing your Salesforce solution. Depending on what is going on at the moment, you can use Fluido Care for strategic advisory, road mapping, planning and ongoing enhancements and improvements to your Salesforce solution throughout its lifecycle.

How can Fluido Care help my business?

Fluido Care offers a flexible model to support your Salesforce development. With a pre-approved pool of hours, your Salesforce support team can work on your requests without each deliverable having to go through a separate approval process. The service is flexible: it contains a certain amount of hours of Salesforce work for each month that your company can utilise for its current needs. It also allows for quiet periods when less support is needed.

With Fluido Care, your company gains access to all our Salesforce experts. We employ 350+ Salesforce specialists located in Northern Europe, and they possess a wide range of experience from different Salesforce solutions and industries. Fluido is a long-time accredited Salesforce Partner, and we collaborate in several Global Salesforce Advisory Boards to steer and create new solutions for the company’s success.

With Fluido Care, you have one dedicated point of contact that plans upcoming development work with you, follows up on progress, consults you on best practices and goes through the possibilities of new product releases for your company. We also offer a team that primarily works with you (the size of the team depends on your needs), but when there is a need, we involve subject matter experts throughout the whole Fluido.

How does it work in practice?

With Fluido Care, you will have regular meetings with the team on a weekly basis. In these meetings, we follow up on the progress of development activities, plan the next steps and discuss any topics you want. We will also meet quarterly, where your business owners can hear from our leads of innovation that might help you in the future.

Use cases for Fluido Care can, for example, be strategic advisory, SME support, technical guidance, administrative support, streamlining daily operations, system monitoring and troubleshooting, release management or enhancing user experience. It really depends on your company’s individual needs.

Where can I learn more about Fluido Care?

If you are interested in the Fluido Care service, please contact us via the Contact us form that can be found at the bottom of the Contact us page. If you already are a customer, you can also contact your Account Manager. We are happy to tell you more about Fluido Care.

You can also read more about the Fluido Care service here.

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