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Find more business and deliver intelligent customer experiences across channels

Today’s customers expect personalized and relevant communication across channels throughout the customer lifecycle. Marketing automation helps you identify, track, and engage individual customers across all contact points, and delivers more consistent and well-informed customer experiences.

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You and your team can work smarter, building customer relationships with intelligent journeys to engage your audience at the right moment. With marketing automation you can increase your productivity and easily justify the investment with insights into a clear marketing ROI. From a Salesforce solution perspective we work with the whole marketing automation toolkit Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Social Studio, Datorama and DMP.

Harness the power of your data with b2c marketing automation

Accurate and purposeful data is the fuel and foundation of a well working marketing automation engine. With this webinar we want to help you with concrete examples of how you can gain the most value of your data when using marketing automation.

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Fluido Value

  • Fluido has one of the biggest marketing automation specialist teams in Europe focused on Salesforce technology. Whether you are in b2b or b2c marketing, we have the certified experts to help you reach your digital marketing goals.
  • By recognizing the total customer experience across systems and processes, we combine the best knowledge of business processes, data models, technology and marketing automation to your project.
  • Implementing marketing automation can be technically complex, our technology team has comprehensive experience on simplifying your data structure and integrations to deliver measurable results.

Strategic Guide to Marketing Automation

Are you struggling to make marketing automation deliver business value? When it comes to marketing automation, deploying the technology is only the first step of the journey. Download our marketing automation guide and read more!

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