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Digitalization means buying behavior within b2b sales is changing. Customers are more aware and actively research your products and services. At the same time, e-commerce is entering the b2b space. The insights that you have on your customers, and the speed your teams can move from lead to cash, is crucial for your success.

Sell smart

Establishing a 360-degree view of the customer and having adequate process support are the fundamentals of many b2b sales applications. Automation, predictions and getting intelligent insights and recommendations, combined with powerful analytics and accurate forecasting, take your sales tool and your performance to the next level. Sales Cloud has been the leading state-of-the-art sales application for years — we can show you how to get the most value from it.

Configure – Price – Quote (CPQ)

Pricing, product configuration, renewals management and quotations can be time-consuming and complex processes if handled manually — but implementing a CPQ solution will increase efficiency and add a layer of quality assurance to your offers. Fluido has a dedicated CPQ team with deep knowledge of product modelling, business processes and industry-leading solutions to help you streamline your quoting process.

Fluido Value

With hundreds of sales CRM implementations under the belt, we can help you elevate your sales teams and performance with a sales solution that is better than anything you’ve experienced before. Regardless of your industry, we can leverage best practices, bring creative ideas and challenge your status quo to help you reach your goals.

Let us tell you how we do it.

Thomas Johanson

Head of Sales

Alexander Franck

Business Consultant, CPQ Practice Lead

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