Elena King: Joining Fluido was like coming home

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Elena King shares Fluido’s values of friendship and trust. After working in a multinational consulting company, joining a specialist Salesforce consultancy was like coming home.

Elena King works as Team Lead and Business Consultant at Fluido. After relocating from the UK to Sweden, she now lives and works in Stockholm.

Elena currently works for a customer in the financial sector around 60 percent of her time, then carries out her team lead responsibilities the rest.

"My current role is a good mix of helping people and working at the same time with the customer."

Elena King, Team Lead & Business Consultant

“My current role is a good mix of helping people and working at the same time with the customer. Both have their advantages. Regarding the Team Lead position, I like looking after people, mentoring junior colleagues and helping my team succeed. But then I also like doing billable work: the fun part of creating new Salesforce features and functionalities to solve real business problems,” Elena describes her work.

Salesforce consultants tend to come from various backgrounds. This is also true for Elena.

“I studied economics at London School of Economics. After my bachelor’s studies, I felt that I didn’t want to work in finance. Then I went back to university and studied for a Master’s degree in Development Studies,” Elena says.

After her studies, Elena joined a small Salesforce consulting company in the UK. There she worked with many charities, small foundations and other non-profit organisations, consulting them on how to best benefit from Salesforce. After some years, Elena bravely decided to move to Sweden due to personal reasons. She started working at Capgemini as a Senior Consultant and, after some time, was promoted to a Team Manager.

In 2017 Elena started working at Fluido. “When I started at Fluido, it was like coming home. I already knew some people, and even the ones I didn’t know welcomed me with open arms. It’s a fun place to go to work in the morning.“

At the moment, due to Covid-19 restrictions, Elena works from home like the rest of the team. Lacking the social aspect of work can be hard sometimes, but the team tries to stay connected.

“We have fika (Swedish for coffee break) and informal chat rooms online,” Elena smiles.

Remote work has also further highlighted the flexible working style of Fluido, which is highly appreciated by the employees of the company. There’s freedom and flexibility as long as work is done. This also contributes to a good work and life balance.

“I really appreciate how Fluido has arranged it so flexibly. I can start working at 07.30 and leave earlier. And if your kid is sick, you can take time off and stay at home. And if you need help, everybody is willing to pitch in. We look out for our employees and have a high level of trust,” Elena concludes.

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