“Working at Fluido is truly fun”

Moving to Sweden, joining Fluido and focusing 100% on Salesforce brought a proper life balance and helped Greg to satisfy his passion for delivering innovative customer solutions.

Greg Anderson is an American expat, originally from Boston but currently enjoying a life of lagom in Stockholm as a Swedish citizen. He works as a Senior Business Advisor at Fluido. When not working, he is usually skiing, running or on an adventure on some type of bike.

Tell me about your background. What has brought you here?

I have been working in IT for 27 years, and problem-solving is one of the things I have always enjoyed. Salesforce is one of the tools that has always allowed me to solve challenges and produce value. Though my previous role was working as a CIO, I was also responsible for CRM, so I spent a great deal of time in Salesforce and found that the time I spent working on the platform was the best part of my day. So it was natural, when leaving my last role, to migrate into a position where I could work with Salesforce full-time.

When did you start working at Fluido?

I started two and a half years ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, so it has been an exciting introduction to the consulting world, learning a new role while doing it 95% remote. One of the first things I noticed was that one of Fluido’s core values, trust, was a value that meant something as we easily transitioned into remote working with the full support of the company, trusting that we would do the right thing.

What is your role like at Fluido? How have your responsibilities developed during working here?

My official title is Senior Business Advisor, but my role can vary quite a bit. It can be anything from strategic consulting to pre-sales, to hands-on work. I am happy in any role as long as I am learning and helping customers. I was fortunate to have my first assignment at a large customer, which enabled me to learn about the challenges larger companies face, and how I can adapt my skill set to any size customer.

How would you describe working at Fluido?

Working at Fluido is truly fun. We have a great team that is always willing to help each other, as “Friends don’t let friends down”. It is a great environment for learning, where we are encouraged to gain knowledge and time is set aside to do so. There are also several opportunities for learning from colleagues through internal lunch and learns. I also appreciate the focus on diversity, where we do things rather than just talk about them, as stated in one of our values “Actions speak clouder that words.”

What have you learned at Fluido?

I have learned that work can be fun again (“Work must be fun” is another value that we have) and that I still have a lot to learn. Salesforce is growing, and keeping up to speed with the changes is extremely important. I mostly appreciate continually learning about Salesforce best practices through assignments and interactions with colleagues.

What is the best aspect of your work? And what is the most challenging?

The best aspect of my work is learning about a customer’s business and supporting them in solving complex challenges. The challenging part of consulting is less about the technology and more about navigating the organisational and political environments that exist in some companies. The optimal solutions require the technology and the organisation to be in sync to deliver the best results.

How do you combine your work and free time?

I like to be outside; doing anything outside is better than sitting in a chair. So generally when doing something like running or biking, I think about customer challenges and how to solve them. Some of my best ideas have come to me during a lunch run, where I can think about difficult problems and come up with solutions to solve them.

What do you dream of, and what would you like to accomplish in your career?

I would love to be a digital Nomad, travelling by bike around the world and working remotely while meeting interesting people and having new experiences. But more realistically, I would like to pay it forward. I have learned a great deal from several remarkable people throughout my career, and I would like to pass on as much as possible to help others on their career journeys.


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Greg Anderson

Senior Business Advisor


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