Miroslav Found the Kind of Balance That He Loves at Fluido

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Miroslav lives in a home that he built himself from straw bales, clay and wood — only the second of its kind in Slovakia. Hanging from the wide wooden rafters is a pine branch; having served its purpose as a Christmas tree, its dry needles are now being used by the family as fire kindling. A potted banana plant sits under the Christmas branch, bringing a tropical hint to the home.

"I deal with people who use computers in their work. When someone wants to get some difficult thing done, then I work in the background, so they get what they want. The work I do is like an iceberg — there’s a lot that isn’t usually seen."

Miroslav Kasiak, Developer at Fluido

Balance in life is supremely important to Miroslav. Although he admits that sometimes to find balance, one must first explore opposite extremes. After studying computer science at university, he decided to learn an entirely different set of skills: carpentry, farming, how to build houses and stone ovens… Then for a year, Miroslav and a few of his friends went off the grid to live without any electricity at all.

Once he was satisfied that he could survive with his hands, he began gradually returning to the world of computers. For a few years, he worked as a project manager for an NGO focused on sustainability. The work was fascinating but intense; he was ready for something else. Searching for something with a closer match to his educational background, he learned to build websites and worked for a while as a freelancer. However, he missed the opportunities which come with working in a team. His search continued…

The role that Fluido offered wasn’t quite what Miroslav had been looking for. But he was attracted by the qualities of trust and open-heartedness that he sensed from the company. He applied — and was surprised to get the job, despite not having direct experience with Salesforce. But it didn’t take long to settle in. After all, learning new things is one of Miroslav’s superpowers, and he turned that into learning developer skills.

In Fluido’s Slovakian office, Miroslav found the kind of balance that he loves between technology and nature. Many of his colleagues are also living in the countryside and keeping bees, chickens, and horses; the lunchtime conversations can swing from software development to farming easily and smoothly.

Still, he wouldn’t mind exploring a new environment for a while. His oldest children are now teenagers, and he feels it’s a healthy time for the family to leave their comfort zone and experience a new lifestyle. “I’ve been thinking a lot about Fluido’s new German office,” Miroslav says with a grin.

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