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Our true cloud superhero, Peter Friberg, started at Fluido back in 2012 in the Stockholm office — one of the first people to join the company outside Finland.

Peter has a long and broad background in IT, varying from teaching source code to designing hardware and software and doing engineering within different industries, from military airborne electronics for fighter jets and helicopters to mobile phone base stations. He worked as a senior engineer and architect for 18 years before joining Fluido. And already the technology had been familiar to him for more than ten years!

At Fluido, Peter began as a developer and consultant for small projects while learning the ins and outs of the platform. Now, as the technical lead and senior developer in the Stockholm office, Peter amazes his colleagues every day with his skills and experience. He spends his workdays setting up data models, implementing integrations and setting overall architecture for customer projects. In addition to working with existing customers, Peter works on pre-sales projects where potential customers are looking for the best solution for their business.

He is keen on sharing his knowledge and is always ready to teach best practices to his coworkers. A true enthusiast, Peter also regularly co-organizes the Stockholm Salesforce Developer Group meetups, where Salesforce developers can meet face-to-face and share their know-how, experiences, and knowledge about the platform and learn new things from their peers.

For Peter, the best aspect of being on the Fluido team is the collaborative and multinational atmosphere, with dedicated people who are similarly driven and engaged in learning more and in helping out coworkers and enthusiastic about the technology that brings solutions to customers in a shorter timescale. “It is a joy to see a happy customer!” Peter adds. The warm atmosphere between colleagues creates a kind of family feeling where employees have very low or no barriers to engaging with anyone in the company.

Salesforce releases new updates three times a year, which means improved functionalities are added to the platform constantly. This brings a new challenging aspect to the work of an architect dedicated to Salesforce, but it is definitely something Peter enjoys! Due to his curious nature, Peter dove quickly into the new Salesforce platform functionality released last year, and now he wishes to help his colleagues to learn it as well.


Peter has a family with small kids, which sometimes means it is hard to work a full week, but thanks to the flexibility at Fluido, some of the work follows him home. Busy times both at work and at home mean he needs to plan his free time to find space for sports and other hobbies. His favourite activities depend on the season: “Windsurfing with my friends is one of the things I am longing for in both spring and autumn,” he says. Downhill skiing is an important winter activity for him, and in the summer, Peter wants to enjoy the sun, swimming, and gardening at his cottage as much as possible.

Peter sees life as a journey of constantly learning more! In the future, he wants to continue learning new functionalities and technologies and utilise them in even larger and more demanding projects with interesting needs and requirements to design and build great solutions. One of his dreams is to become a Salesforce-certified architect!


Laura Peltonen

Business Consultant

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