Project management in a global environment – Tobias M.

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Tobias Mangerich started working for Fluido almost three years ago when he relocated to Finland from Germany with his Finnish girlfriend. He got accustomed well to the Finnish lifestyle and work environment and even speaks the language. However, some things took more time to get used to than others: “In the beginning, I found it weird going to the sauna with customers,” Tobias now looks back and smiles.

Back in Germany, Tobias studied classic applied computer science. He worked in the e-health sector for three years, mainly with radiology and clinic management software. This was until his friend called that a company in the financial sector in Frankfurt needed more staff. Tobias then worked there for three years as a Project Manager. Around 80 % of that work was Salesforce-related, and that is how Tobias got interested in the Salesforce ecosystem and later decided to apply for work at Fluido.

At Fluido, Tobias manages a team of four that works solely for one customer. “We started small in this Salesforce project, with two persons only, then it grew to a team of four. I’m leading this team, and I’m also the contact person for the customer. This project covers everything: we consult, we take care of administration and keep the system running. We also develop additional functionalities. It is a global customer, so we are in contact with people in Asia, North America, and Europe, and also with offshore resources in India,” Tobias elaborates on the global project.


"Finding the right priority might be the most challenging aspect about my work."


Prioritising can sometimes be challenging. “We have quite many parallel projects open at the same time. Finding the right priority might be the most challenging aspect of my work,” Tobias describes his responsibilities. When asked about the best aspect of his work, Tobias doesn’t need to think long: “I think the best part is that I can freely decide when to do my work. I can start or end whenever I want, and nobody is watching over me. My work is extremely flexible also in terms of place. I can work from wherever.” The flexible working time and location also make it easier for Tobias to combine work with family life. He is a proud father of a 10-month girl.

Tobias is interested in IT management. “At Fluido, we now have a young team, and there’s still some work to be done and to improve,” he describes. He then continues with another type of achievement: “I am also able to improve my ice hockey skills here and finally play an ice hockey match!”

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