Work at Fluido is Flexible and Fun – Rodrigo C.

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Rodrigo loves the outdoors. Being in contact with nature, and disconnecting from technology, is part of how he balances his work as a business consultant at Fluido. Although sometimes the two are indeed combined — Rodrigo and some of his colleagues have their own outdoors group within Fluido, getting together to tackle nature’s challenges.

"I work with our customers to help them solve problems. I try to find better ways of doing the things that they’re currently doing, with the system that we’re using."

Rodrigo Castro Rangel, Business Consultant, Fluido

Photography is another of Rodrigo’s interests, and he’s currently taking a course to develop his skills. In his previous work as an SAP consultant in Mexico, he remembers being on-call 24/7. Taking his phone and laptop with him everywhere — in the car, on the weekend, on holidays, while travelling — is not a memory he cherishes. With that experience behind him, he fully appreciates the flexibility that his work at Fluido allows.

He’s not just flexible at home — he’s about to spend a week in Ghana, volunteering to set up servers and laptops for a library. The trip is part of a Salesforce-led program; last year’s team constructed the library buildings. This philanthropic spirit runs deep in Rodrigo — if he could work on a dream project, he says it would be to set up Salesforce systems for an NGO working on Latin American issues.

Rodrigo had never used Salesforce before he came to Fluido or Finland. After a positive experience as an exchange student in 2008, he returned to Helsinki with his girlfriend to study. He was finishing his MBA when a friend from home tipped him off about Fluido. He landed a job and learned the platform quickly. Of course, the process is never complete — he’s happy to say that there’s still something new to learn every day.

And the flow goes both ways! Fluido also learns from its people. When Rodrigo first joined, he did his thesis on the company’s multicultural working environment. He interviewed Fluidians across the various offices to gather insights into the working culture, and the results were both fascinating and enlightening. It was clear that Fluido had already grown quite naturally into a very multicultural company — but with the mix of different cultures come different working and communication styles. Now, Rodrigo is collaborating with Fluido’s People & Culture Team to gather more data and develop training for this diverse group to work and communicate even better across cultural boundaries.

It’s clear that Rodrigo loves working at Fluido — it gives room for him to exercise all of his superpowers. He delights in an environment that encourages his peers to ask for help from anyone and feels the company’s genuine trust in all of its people.

“After finding Fluido,” Rodrigo reflects, “everything went really well.”

Jessie Jane Kelley


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