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In today’s world, companies need to transfer the generic term of digitization into measurable success, often driven by executives whose primary competence is not related to Information Technology solutions. On the one hand, digitization is required because of competition and external environments, like the ongoing global pandemic, on the other hand it must bring business improvements at different levels of the organization.

Salesforce offers the possibility to significantly increase the efficiency of sales and marketing. Once this is done and there is proof that the investment is actually adding measurable value to the organization, it is possible to build on that by taking the implemented solution to the next level. The standard functionalities can be extended to all sides by advanced features developed by Salesforce partners. One of those areas in which add ons to the core functionalities of Salesforce really can add value is document automation.

In all kinds of organisations, sales representatives can spend a lot of time writing individual quotations for customers. They need to provide quotations in different languages and currency formats, which can be challenging and very time-consuming. In addition, manually written documents always carry a risk of human errors, such as typos and copy-paste mistakes. They must always be checked to ensure that the correct quote information goes to the customer.

If users are writing quote documents manually and copy-pasting information, how to ensure that value on the Salesforce opportunity is the one that will stand in the quote sent out? Also, if the quotation is sent outside of Salesforce, the valuable information in it will get stored in the sales reps’ personal folders and email inboxes instead of a central repository. It can be hard to keep track of which document version with what data was sent out to the customer – and downright impossible to show it on a report. And if the customer is happy with the quotation they receive, how to ensure that the terms and conditions in the manually written document match what the organization expects?

Dennemeyer, a globally recognized intellectual property law firm and Fluido customer, had challenges to improve its sales processes. One of the key challenges was the time-consuming and error-prone process of manual data input into their quotation documents.

Therefore automated document generation within Salesforce using Documill solutions was chosen as the technical solution to not only speed up the whole sales process and report on it but also to avoid manual errors and unify branding. After setting up Documill within only a few weeks and without stressing the Dennemeyer organization the result added measurable value. It improved not only the customer experience but also helped the global sales team work better, freeing them from recurring manual data input in different documents.

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View the recording of our webinar to get first hand information from our customer Dennemeyer on how Documill and Salesforce helped them to boost their sales processes and thus added value to their business.

Annukka Karppinen

Salesforce Consultant

Zoltan K. Szabo

Business Consultant

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