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BI Norwegian Business School: Transforming the student experience

BI Norwegian Business School is an independent, not-for-profit foundation and the main provider of research-based knowledge on business and management disciplines in Norway. With campuses in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim they provide research and education for more than 20.000 students and 900 employees.

The need for the student journey transformation

BI Norwegian Business School had the aspiration to transform their student journey and connect their campuses and back-office functions with an integrated, digital CX platform to improve the student experience, eliminate inefficiencies, and to be more competitive and coherent in a digital landscape. BI had significant, costly process inefficiencies that were limiting their service quality levels as well as sales and marketing effectiveness. It was difficult to get a full picture of a student since much of the data was situated outside of their CRM across disparate systems. This was causing inbound sales and service inquiry management difficulties and limiting them to being mainly reactive.

BI wanted to standardize student request handling, independent of the channel used and leverage insights and prepared content to conduct more proactive, targeted, and fact-based actions and communications quickly, whilst maintaining GDPR compliance.

The new customer experience platform

Fluido worked together with the sales, service, marketing, and integration streams from BI to establish a new Customer Experience platform with an initial focus on centralizing and optimizing BI’s internal B2C capability. The project delivery included the following elements:
● Implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud and integrated with BI’s student portal and external-facing websites for managing recruitment and service inquiries via a single point of contact, with seamless 2nd-line escalations functionality to faculties and recruitment
● Implementation of Salesforce Knowledge for quick-access to reference articles
● Implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud for managing effective outbound nurturing campaigns and providing student applications support
● Migration of existing student records into the Education Cloud Architecture (EDA)
● Implementation Salesforce Advisor Link (SAL) for managing appointments with prospects and students.
● Implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to handle email nurturing campaigns, surveys, and SMS communications and more effectively manage the student journey
● Integrated with systems for admissions, SIS, the student portal.
● Completing a student-centric 360-degree overview with academic purchase history record data available

"Our Salesforce solution is the foundation for offering excellent customer experience to our prospects, existing and former students as well as other partners. Fluido has been a strong contributor to our successful launch of Salesforce."

Elin Borrebæk, Chief Digital Officer, BI Norwegian Business School



Industry and Region
Education, Norway

Business challenge
• BI wanted to improve their customer experience, efficiency, and internal processes
• Improve sales and service performance
• Establishing a closer relationship with students and prospects with consistent follow-ups.

Project highlights
Project implemented Education Cloud with Service Cloud and Advisor Link for the first- and second-line student service organizations and helped integrate key systems.

Tools and Technologies
• Sales Cloud
• Service Cloud
• Salesforce Advisor Link
• Marketing Cloud
• Education Cloud

Key benefits
• A more complete, un-siloed overview of the student relationship
• More efficient collaboration digitally
• Centralized omnichannel support
• Rich data transparency
• Information at fingertips for frontline staff
• Structured recruitment nurturing and

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