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IHM: Toward a unified view of the customer

IHM Business School is a private, independent business school. IHM offers advanced business programs in Marketing, Leadership, Sales, Communication, Finance and Economics for enterprises and individual professionals seeking growth and development opportunities in the business community.




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IHM has its own business schools in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. IHM Business School is the first private business school in Europe accredited by the US quality authority NEASC. Education is conducted in four areas: Business & Market Development, Leadership Development, Corporate Development and IHM College of Higher Education. About 80% of all students study in parallel with work.

We had a long list of demands and challenges in 2015. To address these, we needed to do something about our IT system and IT platforms; we needed a change. We wanted a unified view of the customer, where IHM staff could see the history and what has been discussed previously with a customer — regardless of who at IHM has actually had the customer contact. Customers are used to using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we wanted to present a similar kind of environment for IHM.

Fitting the needs of a modern customer

We chose Salesforce because it was very important for us to select a CRM partner who not only met our requirements but was also an industry leader. In Salesforce we have found a whole suite of products that match our requirements.

Now we have the platform to collect all the data about our customers and conversations, and we now have the insights to act on that data, which has led us to be more precise and targeted in our communication. Our self-service portal helps our customers to find answers to commonly asked questions instantly, and for other queries, a case can be created to get an immediate response from our service agents. We are reducing cost and increasing customer satisfaction. The sales per salesperson have increased, thanks to having relevant data in Salesforce and Marketing Cloud according to the customer’s interests and needs.


Thomas Höstner IHM

"Select one partner that could help on all the platforms to go forward — that would be my advice to anyone considering similar projects."

Thomas Höstner, CIO and Digital Officer at IHM Business School

Fluido has been alongside us all the way while we’ve been developing these Salesforce products. The guidance and recommendations that Fluido has given, have shown us that Fluido has the broadest, deepest knowledge about these Salesforce products. This was crucial for us; we wanted to have one partner to have a complete view of all these products to help us move forward.

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