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Wilhelmsen: Tools for transformation

Wilhelmsen is a global maritime industry group, and a leader within their industry. With their global maritime network on call 24/7, they can deliver products and services on the ground practically anywhere there is a ship or a maritime-related industry. Wilhelmsen’s ambition is to shape the maritime industry.

Comprehensive modernization

Like many industries, Wilhelmsen’s business is going through a transformation. To be a forerunner in the maritime industry, having the latest technology is not sufficient, so Wilhelmsen also had to revise how its processes work, how people find information and how day-to-day operations are run.

"Fluido is not just a supplier anymore, but a strategic partner to move forward with."

Pedro Müller Lopes, Sales Process Manager, Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Wilhelmsen’s partnership with Fluido began in 2012, and has gradually evolved from various small-scale projects into a deep cooperation. Over time, Fluido has developed an in-depth knowledge of Wilhelmsen and the unique demands of the maritime industry. This allows both parties to move forward rapidly as briefings can be kept short. Wilhelmsen’s Sales Process Manager, Pedro Müller Lopes, says that one of Fluido’s key strengths is their dedicated team that consists of both generalists and experts, who react quickly to any questions Wilhelmsen raises and who give the same priority and quality to both small and large projects.

Tools to shape the industry

Wilhelmsen has vast amounts of data and insight about ports, but tapping into this knowledge required a considerable amount of administration and calculation — heavy internal work. In the past, information requests were forwarded back and forth from one person to another. Fluido solved this issue by creating a cluster of tools to handle port information requests more efficiently. The Port Information Tool contains information about ports, channels, piers and drafts, among other things. From a customer perspective, things remain unchanged, but on Wilhelmsen’s end, it is a completely different process. Salesforce takes control of requests and channels them directly to the right person, who checks details and whether any information needs to be updated. This has reduced the number of people involved in fulfilling a request and made the process much faster.

Wilhelmsen’s collective knowledge

Internal efficiency is further improved with a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution that automatically calculates prices and quotes for the customer, and with Pardot, a B2B marketing automation tool.

"Salesforce is an ever-growing environment and it is hard to know all the ins and outs of it. But Fluido does."

Pedro Müller Lopes, Sales Process Manager, Wilhelmsen Ships Service

With the CPQ tool, customers get much more consistent quality and better efficiency as they don’t depend anymore on a specific salesperson or account manager. Wilhelmsen’s collective information is fed into the CPQ tool, which ensures that the decisions are made based on the most recent and complete data. Coupled with Pardot and the Port Information Tool, these solutions bring Wilhelmsen a competitive edge that increases operating efficiency and customer satisfaction. Wilhelmsen acknowledges that through Fluido, they have been exposed to new information and opportunities, making it possible to implement new services that didn’t exist before.

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