Salesforce for education

We understand the needs and pains felt by educational institutions. Let our Salesforce experts help you navigate those needs.

Student Retention

At the heart of any educational institution is the desire for student retention. Whether your system struggles with tracking and maintaining data, reaching out to students or allowing for collaboration, we can customise a solution for you.

Through a combination of tools and strategies, you can increase your student retention rates and drive the long-term success of your school.

Multiple Systems

Many educational institutions find themselves using a variety of tools and software to track student, alumni and staff data. These different systems can make it challenging to track and report on data accurately.

We have a history of integrating systems to make Salesforce the single source of truth in an organisation.

Creating and Tracking Goals

Whether you use a legacy system or have Salesforce in your organization, it can often be difficult to establish and track appropriate goals.

Through our experience as consultants, we know best practices on how to establish and monitor goals such as retention, admissions and staff activity.

Staying in Touch

Managing a network of students, administrators, staff, and alumni can be difficult. Whether your goal is staying in touch with students, sending offers and updates or providing a self-service portal, there is a Salesforce tool for you.

We have implemented Marketing Cloud and Pardot for marketing automation and Experience Cloud for student and faculty portals.

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Kari Poutanen, Fluido's Education Practice Lead

Kari Poutanen

Global Industry Lead, Education

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