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Salesforce for education

We understand the needs and pains felt by educational institutions. Let our Salesforce experts help you navigate those needs.

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Fluido to bring the study administration IT system into the 21st century

Seven of Denmark’s universities can look forward to a completely new and joint study administration system that will put students at the centre and digitise processes that were previously handheld. The new IT system will be tied to a modern Salesforce solution provided by Fluido. The solution will replace STADS, which was developed for universities in the 90s.

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Aalto University: Transforming the academic experience with Fluido

A splintered IT legacy meant Aalto University academic administrators were spending much of their time on manual work. Then they switched to Salesforce in a project with Fluido – transforming the online experience for everyone on campus.

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How we create value for you

We use our experience in the sector to help you take advantage of Salesforce to generate successful outcomes for your institution, your students, your alumni and your strategic partners.

From strategy and design to implementing solutions and support, we offer an end-to-end service as a trusted strategic partner.

Industry Partners

Give the strategic partners a way to streamline their experience with the institution, and the institution gains visibility into all interactions.


Help alumni build relationships with each other, staff, and students. Draw on better insights into the alumni to develop executive education and philanthropic opportunities.

Prospective Students

Engage prospective students with personalised opportunities while allowing the institution to better match the applicants to their offering.

Learner Experience

Guide the learner through their own personalised journey, highlighting support opportunities that both improve student retainment and experience.

Industrial engagement: Academia and industry insights with thought leaders

Unlocking the Potential of Recombinant Relationship Management

Join our esteemed panel of experts as they explore the intricacies of Recombinant Relationship Management. This webinar covers the latest strategies, tools, and insights to help you forge stronger, more resilient customer connections. Whether you aim to enhance customer satisfaction, drive growth, or innovate your relationship management tactics, this recording provides valuable knowledge to take your efforts to the next level.

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Dr. Brendan McGuckin: Innovations Through Partnership - How CRM Nurtures Universities’ Enterprise Environment

We sat down with Doctor Brendan McGuckin, Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager at Edinburgh Innovations to delve into the dynamic world of academia-industry collaboration, exploring how these partnerships are shaping the future. What is the foundation of successful strategic partnership? What is critical to adoption? What will be the key to success?

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Dr. Dave Fitch: Innovations Through Partnership - Navigating the Why and How of CRM Selection

Dive into an interview with Doctor Dave Fitch, Freelance Project Director & Program Manager, Salesforce mechanic and former COO of The Data Lab (Scotland’s Innovation Centre for AI and Data Science). Dr. Fitch shares the strategic playbook for a smooth transition adoption across diverse teams, departments, and requirements. Learn the guiding lines to measure success and stay on course during implementation.

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Dr. Marta Herrero: Innovations Through Partnership - Exploring Research's Role in Strengthening NGO-University Partnerships

A dynamic interview with our special guest, Doctor Marta Herrero, Subject Head of Creative Industries Management and Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries Management, University of York. Explore insights on university-NGO partnerships, data’s impact, alumni networks’ value, and future trends in public institutions. Stay ahead in strategic collaborations!

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Stuart Cronin: Innovations Through Partnership - Creating Synergies Between the University and External Partners

Ready to revolutionise your approach to partnerships? Don’t miss our exclusive interview with Stuart Cronin, Head of Business Engagement and Development at the University of Stirling. Join us as he shares vital strategies, impactful examples, and insights into the future of business development. Discover impactful examples of bridging academia-industry gaps and effective communication strategies.

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Sustaining universities’ vital business ecosystem

Sustaining a relationship with the business world brings undeniable value to universities. A modern CRM system can highlight these opportunities, bringing universities and businesses together to pursue a common goal.

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Customer & Employee Experience

“Let the teachers teach” – Salesforce for teachers

A blog by a former teacher in Finland and a present-day Salesforce consultant looking at solutions that Salesforce Education Cloud offers to enhance the teachers’ employee experience during rapid change.


The best student experience in the world? These are the lessons higher education institutions should take from the business world

In the business world, customer experience is already a familiar concept. It is formed in every encounter between the customer and the company. Correspondingly, the student experience is created in every encounter between the student and the higher education institution, whether the student is participating in remote lectures, enrolling for courses in the online service or in connection with study services.


Improving student engagement

Over recent years, higher education institutions around the world have had to put a lot more emphasis on their digital learner experience. For the majority of institutions, hybrid learning is here to stay — and with it comes both opportunities and challenges. What can institutions do to enhance the student experience in the digital era? Tune in to hear Christa Winqvist’s (CIO, Aalto University) and Kari Poutanen’s (Industry Lead for Education, Fluido) thoughts.


Succeeding in the Digital Era

Taking The Leap For Learning with Salesforce – How Aalto is Rethinking Academic Experience

At Aalto University, digitalisation is seen as a way to adapt to the constant changes in the world and offer even better student experiences. How does Salesforce support Aalto in the change? In Fluido’s partner speech, Aalto University Manager, Leap for Learning, Milla Vaisto-Oinonen, will talk about the topic.


The New Era of Digital Experience in Higher Education

We’ve seen years of digital transformation in just a few months. With an increased emphasis on remote learning, lifelong learning, and quick upskilling and reskilling, as well as increased competition in the education sector, it is vitally important for higher education institutions to ensure a great digital experience for all stakeholders to stay relevant.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how your institution can provide a personalised digital experience and get inspired by the peers in your industry on how they are approaching digitalisation in higher education.


Increasing Digital Competitiveness for Business Schools

Join us in a discussion with the CDO of BI Norwegian Business School Elin Borrebaek on how BI has adapted to the challenges in the new normal and the role technology plays in their digitalisation strategy to support their business requirements.


Fluido Education EMEA Summit - The future of digital campus

What is the future of digital campuses for educational institutions? Tune in to hear Ian Cross from OwnBackup, hosted by Fluido Alan Hughes and Kari Poutanen.


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Kari Poutanen

Global Industry Lead, Education