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Miljonlotteriet: Understanding and reducing customer churn

Miljonlotteriet wanted to utilize the millions of records of historic data for predicting the patterns of customer churn and preventing it with smart customer engagement.

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Miljonlotteriet is a renowned lottery company that has been in business for over 50 years now. They offer various services like online lottery, subscription-based scratch lottery as well as bingo games. They are supervised by the Swedish Gambling Authority and donate a major part of their profits to social causes, contributing more than 200 MEUR (2.3 billion SEK) over time.

A need to understand the customer better

The nature of online gambling leads to a high churn rate of subscribers. Miljonlotteriet already had millions of records of historic data that could be analyzed for understanding the patterns of unsubscribing. If these patterns could be understood early enough, effective countermeasures could be adopted before customers drop out.

Miljonlotteriet’s goal was to understand online customer behavior, link it to CRM data, analyze the data and, by doing so, create a 360-degree view of the customer. They also wanted to better target their marketing to customers.

To solve this, Fluido implemented Einstein Analytics & Discovery for Miljonlotteriet to analyze, understand, and predict customer subscription churn. Tools and technologies used in the project were:

Fluido planned and carried out the architecture and implementation of Einstein Discovery, in conjunction with Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud solutions. Some of the key deliverables included:

  • Sales Cloud with Big Objects to store millions of rows of data from a legacy system.
  • Creation of datasets with key variables identified by the client.
  • Stories to gain insights on what kind of influence campaigns, media type, time of the year, payment modes, and other factors affecting marketing efficiency.
  • Einstein Analytics dashboards for C-level team, portraying the sales against set goals and benchmarks.
  • Integrating Einstein Analytics with Google Analytics to see customer behavior online.
  • Implementing Marketing cloud to handle email campaigns, surveys, and SMS communications.
  • Integrating Marketing Cloud with Sales Cloud to form effective marketing strategies using up-to-date CRM data.
  • Shutting down some of the legacy systems that were used for sales and surveys.

Preventing churn with smart customer engagement

Miljonlotteriet can now better understand the customer throughout their entire user journey. They are able to study online customer behavior and tie it to CRM data, forming a 360-degree view of the customer. They are able to understand and serve loyal customers better.

Miljonlotteriet can now target and personalize marketing based on gained insights. Also, by understanding and predicting when and why customers leave they can prevent churn with smart customer engagement.

In the end this all ties in to increasing their customer lifetime value. Improved retention rates lead to a larger pool of customers and increased revenues.

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