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Create value to your business and to your customers by augmenting your company’s Data & Analytics capabilities

Integrated solutions, the Internet of Things, increased connectivity and sophisticated data gathering have led to a shift toward an information-based economy. The value of your data relies on how well you can capture, integrate, analyze it and in turn how well you are able to take action and monetize it.

Applications of data and analytics

When it comes to customer processes of an enterprise such as CRM, Marketing, Sales or Service, we typically see two angles to using and applying data:

  1. Business Performance, where taking the pulse of your actions and processes will indicate how an enterprise can take control and influence its bottom line results (eg. Service Process Efficiency Optimization, Marketing Mix Modeling, etc.).
  2. Customer Insights will help you understand who are your brand audiences, your sales prospects and your current customers, and how your offering and services will increase the value you bring to them (eg. Customer 360 View, Audience Segmentation, Lead Scoring, Account Health, Recommendation Engines, Experience Personalization, Churn Management, etc.).

Fluido helps you shape and grow your data-driven business practice by defining and shaping your customer data in a way that your enterprise you be fully in control of your business performance and customer insights.

Fluido Experience and Value

Fluido’s team of experienced Data Consultants, Business Analysts and Data Scientists has a combined skill set in Data Management and Visualization, Analytical Modeling and Business Insights, Data-Driven Business Consulting. At Fluido, we are leveraging one of the biggest teams of specialists in the Nordics for automating and enhancing all customer processes (B2B and B2C, Marketing, Sales, Service) in all major industries.

We realize data integrations within and around your Salesforce environment and produce the performance and customer insights needed by your enterprise.

We offer recommendations relevant for your business context, design and create integrated datasets and build astonishing AI products and dashboards for your teams. Contact us today to discuss how to generate maximum business value from your Customer Data.

Actionable Insights with Tableau CRM

Today, with masses of data generated every second, collecting and analyzing data isn’t enough anymore. Insights provide value only when they are turned into actions. Natively built for Salesforce, Tableau CRM empowers your users with actionable insights and AI-driven analytics right in their workflow. Learn more by watching our on-demand webinar, where experts from Salesforce, Fluido and Nemko share their tips on grasping the true value of analytics.

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Janne Warpenius

Analytics Practice Lead

Insights with analytics

Gaining actionable insights with analytics

Insights gained from analytics provide value only when they are turned into actions. And in turn, actionable insights can only be gained through a well executed analytics implementation process. With this guide you’ll learn how to get started on your analytics journey when seeking true value from insights.

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