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Stockmann: a foundation for transformation

Stockmann Group operates about 500 stores across 19 countries and consists of three divisions: Stockmann Retail, Real Estate and Lindex. Stockmann Retail operates as a department store business and has a webstore. Real Estate has properties in four countries. Lindex has a wide store network and webstore operations in the EU and in Norway.

Siloed data, complex infrastructure

In 2016, Stockmann began to evaluate better ways to engage and serve its customers. Rather than investing in multiple separate solutions, they wanted a unified approach to gain transparency on customer data across their entire organization, and to build a foundation that could withstand scalable solutions and the passage of time. Stockmann saw cooperation with Fluido and the Salesforce ecosystem as the best step forward on their transformation journey.

The first challenge on this journey: marketing permissions and other customer data stored in over dozens of different, overlapping systems. Information was stored in different locations and in formats. This inability to access the big picture caused operational challenges and internal inefficiencies.

"It is important to build the foundation carefully, so we don’t have to repair it afterwards — which is very difficult. When you do this phase diligently, further development is easier and faster."

Terhi Tuuna, Head of Customer & Loyalty, Stockmann

Stockmann turned to Fluido for its platinum level Salesforce experience and ability to provide a dedicated team to work at the customer’s premises when needed. Another important factor was Fluido’s informal and flexible way of doing business. The lack of bureaucracy allows Fluido to adapt to changing specifications and realities, and to change directions quickly. This combined with Salesforce’s versatile products and features, means Fluido could genuinely offer excellent support and tools for Stockmann’s transformation journey.

Growing the foundation

To decrease the number of systems in use, a CRM solution was implemented to streamline and to start bringing robustness to Stockmann’s data management. Transforming Stockmann’s engagement with its customers required enhanced targeting and personalization capabilities. Marketing Cloud was implemented to achieve this, automating many of Stockmann’s service and marketing messages.

“Salesforce has been a great help in examining and understanding the quality of our customer data. When the data quality improves, we can do more,” Tuuna explains the benefits of the solution.

Fluido was also involved in implementing the Qualtrics survey tool to manage customer satisfaction surveys. Previously these were handled manually, but now automation increases the quality and accessibility of this data. The next project will be to empower Stockmann customer care with Service Cloud.

Increased customer interaction

Even if Stockmann is just beginning its journey, they now have better access and deeper insight into their customer data than ever before, which creates new potential for further development. Open and click-through rates have also grown significantly. Previously, Stockmann’s open and click rates were just about the industry average — now Stockmann’s rates are ahead of the curve. In ten months’ time, the number of marketing permissions has grown by 21%.

All of this comes on top of the benefits Stockmann is getting from more streamlined processes, infrastructure, and easy-to-access data. With Fluido’s help, Stockmann has laid a solid foundation it can build on for future projects.

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