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Use data to energise your digital-first customer engagement

Consumers prefer using digital channels with their energy providers. At the same time, companies need to tightly integrate their digital services with the service offered by customer service agents for a seamless customer experience. Currently, there are gaps in the experience, so the energy and utilities sector needs to develop its services to answer these needs.

Download this guide to understand:

  • How to take advantage of data and use that to manage digital customer engagement
  • How to develop customer-centricity and customer journey
  • How to offer personalized service and self-service

Now is the time to transform your business. And it is not about some shiny new technology program magically solving all problems. It’s about better collaboration and engaging with customers, being more efficient, and making more informed decisions based on data.

How Salesforce Energy & Utilities Cloud can boost your digital transformation

Move your customers to the center of both your service and engagement with the Salesforce Energy & Utilities Cloud. Empower your organisation for personalised and responsive services by centralising all your customer data on one single and flexible platform.

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