Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Quick Start Package

Establish the foundation to accelerate growth and innovation.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Solutions are revolutionizing the way manufacturers operate – from front-to-back office processes, selling motions, and the entire Customer Lifecycle Experience (CLM). Manufacturers can take advantage of Fluido’s Manufacturing Cloud Strategic MVP Offering to implement the Salesforce platform quickly and efficiently, preparing your organization to leverage “Phase 2” and “Phase 3” capabilities of Manufacturing Cloud like rebate management, warranty management, field service, IoT & Smart Services on an accelerated timeline.

Why Start With Manufacturing Cloud?

Increase Process Efficiency

Automating operations

  • CPQ & ERP integrations
  • Easily trackable leads and conversions.

Seamless contract updates

  • Consolidate sales agreement terms
    Pricing, subscription & rebate rules
    Finance approvals process

Inventory management

  • Shipment tracking
  • Automated notifications

Deliver Accurate Forecasts

Seamless collaboration

  • Ensure forecast accuracy across partners and customers

Dynamic account-based forecasting

  • Forecast run rate agreements
  • Holistic views of predicted volumes, demand, opportunities, projects, agreements, etc.
  • Proactively strategize on struggling accounts
  • Align demand and capacity discussion


  • Understand factors influencing pipeline (i.e.content, partners, messaging)
  • Run customer relationship analyses
    • Measure forecasts
    • Assess customer compliance with agreement

Product performance insights around revenue and unit quantity numbers.

Service performance insights around revenue.

Provide Your Customers With What They Need

Access to service data & analytics

  • Connected 360 view of customer, order, product, service, asset performance
  • 24/7 support
  • Chatbots, call center integrations, and more

Voice of the customer

  • Surveys
  • Service & wear parts forecasting

Rebate management

Collaboration portals

  • Data visibility
  • Automation
  • Build and manage incentives
  • Create and execute loyalty programs

Program Phases and Elements

The Manufacturing Cloud core capability gives manufacturers the ability to provide their account teams with visibility into committed and actual order volumes with the use of sales agreements. They can also define forecasts across multiple time periods, business units, and locations through Advanced Account-based Forecasting.
Additionally, the MVP implementation will deliver the data necessary by loading active sales agreements and batch loading (as desired) orders. This will give better visibility into account forecasts as well as forecast accuracy.

What’s included:

  • Review and refine sales and opportunity process (Note: an existing sales process should already exist)
  • Sales agreement setup (up to 4 custom attributes)
  • Up to 2 approvals with 5 criteria-based steps to manage the sales agreement pricing and activation
  • Lightning Flows/Object Hierarchy/Relationship API to manage the auto-creation of sales agreements
  • Advanced account forecasting (up to 2 forecast sets)
  • Order actuals template to batch load orders from financial systems
  • Reports (up to 5 new reports) and Dashboards (up to 1 new dashboard)
  • Profiles (up to 3 new profiles) to be used to manage forecasting adjustment periods
  • Set up Voice of Customer (1 Salesforce Survey)
  • Forecast for service revenue and spare/wear parts.

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