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Salesforce for energy and utilities

Improve customer engagement, streamline operations, and enhance data management to deliver better service and achieve greater success in a competitive marketplace.



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Power your digital transformation

How to use data to energise your digital-first customer engagement and take your customer experience to the next level


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Fluido – Your Salesforce partner in Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities markets have been in turbulence in recent years, especially in Europe. Decarbonisation and green energy initiatives, price volatility, challenges balancing demand and supply, digitalisation, new prosumer segment, and the use of distributed energy resources are quickly changing the markets. In these challenging times, Fluido helps our energy and utilities customers to succeed with the Salesforce platform:

  • Build and execute a winning sales strategy
  • Create direct engagement with consumers
  • Build brand awareness and enhance consumer loyalty
  • Build superior customer experience through seamless journeys
  • Enforce operational agility and cost optimisation in field management
  • Utilise data and analytics to boost business intelligence, reduce costs, and improve efficiency
  • Lead business transformation with a focus on agility and fast value creation
  • Ensure you remain compliant with relevant regulations and standards

St1: Customer experience and customer satisfaction in the new digital era

St1 is an energy company that envisions to be the leading producer and provider of CO2-aware energy. 1500 fuel stations across the Nordics are St1’s key income generators, that allow St1 to invest in renewable and sustainable energy. The company’s customers include both consumers and businesses. Apart from being the biggest wind power provider in Finland, St1 also produces their own ethanol from bakery and brewery residues as well as sawdust.


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