Unlocking Synergies: Fluido and BASE Life Science Join Forces as Premier Salesforce Partners in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Discover the power of collaboration as Fluido, a renowned Salesforce partner in Europe, and BASE life science, a leading consulting company specialising in the healthcare and life science industry, unite to redefine excellence in customer solutions. Their partnership, backed by the strength of the Infosys family, aims to revolutionise the way businesses navigate the complex landscapes of health and life sciences.

Get to Know BASE life science

Why Fluido and BASE life science?

As a trusted partner, Fluido has consistently demonstrated unparalleled expertise in implementing and optimising Salesforce solutions.

What Fluido brings to the table:

  • Celebrated for its Salesforce prowess
  • Brings a wealth of experience and innovation
  • Deep knowledge of the platform
  • Proven track record of successful implementations
  • Frontrunner in the industry

BASE life science complements Fluido’s strengths:

  • By adding a laser focus on the healthcare and life science sector
  • By offering a profound understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the industry
  • With a finger on the pulse of evolving trends
  • Excels in identifying and addressing the specific needs and pain points of healthcare and life science businesses

The Value Proposition: A Seamless Fusion

Tailored Solutions:

Expect solutions that are not just technologically advanced but finely tuned to the nuances of the healthcare and life science industry. Fluido and BASE life science collaborate to deliver tailored Salesforce solutions that align perfectly with the unique demands of your business.

Innovation Beyond Boundaries:

As part of the Infosys family, both Fluido and BASE life science are at the forefront of innovation. Benefit from cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking strategies that push the boundaries of what Salesforce can achieve in the healthcare and life science space.

End-to-End Support:

From implementation to ongoing support, Fluido and BASE life science offer a comprehensive suite of services. Whether you are navigating regulatory challenges or aiming for operational excellence, the partnership ensures you have the support you need every step of the way.

Experience the Future Today With Us

Embark on a transformative journey with Fluido and BASE life science, where Salesforce proficiency meets industry acumen. Together, they redefine standards, create synergies, and pave the way for unparalleled success in the healthcare and life science sector. Join us at the intersection of technology and industry expertise—experience the future today.

Marketing Automation

ebook: Addressing the Cooling Economy in Healthcare and Life Science

The purpose of this ebook is to help Healthcare and Life Science companies relate to macroeconomic trends and develop an informed strategy for how to respond.

  • Chapter 1 provides summaries of what the cooling economy means for your business.
  • Chapter 2 makes the case that despite the economic headwinds, businesses need to continue innovating and transforming their operations in a strategic, disciplined manner—because standing still is essentially the equivalent of falling behind.
  • Chapter 3 provides specific, actionable guidance on how to move forward strategically, with a focus on applying digital transformation principles to operate more cost-efficiently and to future-proof the organisation for long-term resilience.

New paths in customer engagement in Healthcare & Life science (HLS)

Healthcare & Life Science is an ever-changing environment driven by changing demands from payers, patients, HCPs and other stakeholders. But also external factors like supply chain challenges increased public scrutiny on compliance and mega trends like AI have the potential to significantly change the way HLS interacts with customers and stakeholders.

Now Salesforce Life Science cloud is here to revolutionise the way HLS works: from “Sales rep coverage” to customer engagement.

Learn more

BASE life science Whitepaper: A Practical Approach to Implementation of KAM Modules in Pharmaceutical CRM Systems

Is a Key Account Management CRM implementation in the pipeline of your pharmaceutical organisation? Avoiding the common pitfalls and prioritizing your resources effectively will be key to a successful implementation.

In this paper, we provide you with practical learnings from our many successful KAM implementations with leading pharmaceutical companies. We will also guide you through the five steps of the account planning process in your CRM.

HLS – Building the future engagement model

In HLS its all about managing the engagement with a network of stakeholders: whether it’s a pharmaceutical company in primary or specialty care, a medical device manufacturer, a hospital or another point of care.

In the past support IT systems were focusing on documenting “sales reps calls” while the current and future engagement model more call for a 360° view on the stakeholder consisting of various channels of engagement like training portals, events, congresses, marketing tools, KOL databases, IoT in case of medical devices and still on-site-visits.

Core areas of expertise

Learn more about our core capabilities we can bring to the table on behalf of BASE Life Science and Fluido. Six core areas of added value are likely to contribute to your success.


Data landscape

Independent from the concrete business model all HLS companies face the challenge of various data sources & internal data silos that need to be connected to get the full 360° view on the stakeholder

  • External Customer Master Data
  • Own training / education portals
  • CRM
  • Own / External Marketing Tools
  • Partner
  • Events & Congresses
  • Apps
  • IoT
  • KOL data (e.g. study, speeches, …)
  • HL7 / FHIR


Core Pharma

With HCP seeing less and less sales reps and overall interactions facing much more on value a new set of capabilities arise for pharma CRM

  • Remote calling
  • 1:1 email
  • Network & Account analysis
  • Advanced therapeutics / individual medicine
  • Compliance reporting
  • HCP value added services & enablement
  • Events mgmt


Medical Device Mgmt

Modern medical devices that even may contain IoT modules but still full under strict regulatory scrutiny require a very specific

  • Service & Service Contracts
  • ERP integration & asset Mgmt
  • Field Service & Dispatching
  • Knowledge Mgmt
  • AI & predictive maintenance
  • IoT connect devices
  • GxP compliance
  • Vendor managed inventor



HLS customer journey

Standard in b2c the approach of stakeholder journey is still quite new to HLS. But it’s the foundation to define the capabilities required by the systems

  • Persona definition
  • HCP / patient journey
  • Touchpoint analysis
  • Tech capability mapping
  • Business value / cases analysis



Compliance & Transparency

In HLS there are specific regulatory requirements towards IT systems. Certain functionality require validation.

  • GxP compliance / GAMP5
  • Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • System validation planning & execution
  • Testing approach
  • Documentation requirements
  • Compliance reporting
  • GDPR & Consent



HLS content mgmt & distribution

In HLS content like PDFs, studies, patient / HCP cannot simply be written and send out – there are specific regulatory requirements

  • MLR approval
  • Pharma Document Mgmt Systems
  • Approval workflows
  • Content distribution & integration with outlet channels
  • Modular Content
  • Taxonomy & Tagging

Are you struggling to make marketing automation deliver business value?

When it comes to marketing automation, deploying the technology is only the first step of the journey. For most companies, reaching their marketing automation objectives requires a solid strategy and roadmap, quality customer data, and an organisation that works seamlessly together for a better customer experience.

If you think some of these factors are missing in your marketing automation efforts, then this guide is for you. The guide contents include:

  • Creating a strategy and setting business objectives
  • Creating a new way of operating marketing automation
  • Ensuring data strategy and compliance
  • Exploring customer journeys and creating content
  • Utilising emerging marketing technologies.

No matter your prior experience level, this guide will give you insight into how you can get value from marketing automation — not only now but also in the future.

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