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Nemko: A new world in sales with data-driven decision-making

Adopting data-driven decision-making has gained traction with sales teams worldwide. Nemko is committed to providing its sales team with easier access to insights and delivering it at a scale.

Many organisations spend valuable time manually gathering information and reporting on business performance each month, resulting in inefficiencies and a lack of interest in delivering data-driven insights to sales teams, who, in turn, are left working in the dark.

Nemko is a global corporation that offers product testing, inspection, and certification services. Nemko was established in 1933 in Norway to provide mandatory safety testing and approval for electrical equipment. Today, the business operates worldwide and is known for supporting multiple customers with a quick time-to-market approach.

Increased demand for data-driven insights

When you’ve been in business for nearly a century and expanded from being a local gatekeeper to a provider of global market access, there comes a time when one needs to overhaul old working methods and systems. Nemko approached Fluido with a clear understanding of their issues: neither teams nor management could see the big picture of their business without excessive use of resources.

“We didn’t have the possibility to use the insights given by an aggregated picture of all our data. We had to create and maintain various dashboards to arrive at our needed overviews,” Doug Hughes, Nemko’s Director, Global Sales and Business Development, says.

With their existing tools, the team struggled to keep up with the demand for reports and insights around their sales performance. This meant that reporting was prioritised for the higher levels of management, leaving sales teams without much-needed granular information and insights that they could use in their decision-making.

Additionally, measuring sales performance required targets and benchmarking, which increased the demand for sales data management and analysis.

Building the dream

Using CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM or Einstein Analytics) as the tool of choice, Fluido and Nemko were able to co-create a solution that truly embodied the project’s aim: making relevant analytics and data available for all stakeholders in Nemko in the right format, in a cost-efficient manner, allowing informed decisions worldwide.

The project started with a high-level dashboard to provide information about the current state of business for managers and sales agents alike.



“We outlined some ideas of the views and the data we needed. Fluido took this concept and started building the start of our dream. As we developed our system, Fluido used their experience in adding additional views and data sets we had not thought of,” Doug describes the process.

CRM Analytics provided many of the necessary features for this project, including a direct data link with Salesforce, the option to connect external data sources, and actionability when interacting with Salesforce objects.

While the technology enables analytics projects, a key success factor is the company culture and collaboration.

“Nemko had a clear vision from the start, and combining it with Fluido experience to a willing and enthusiastic audience has allowed us to deliver a project that truly gives Nemko the right data, in the right format in a cost-efficient manner,” Boris Naumov, Data & Analytics CoE Team Lead Finland, tells.

Empowering the company with insights

Combining this tool with Nemko’s vision, Fluido’s know-how, and industry best practices, the year-long project has delivered some very actionable insights.

Nemko now has only one dashboard with ten different data views – no need to update all 80 dashboards anymore. For the first time, they can process and analyse all data at once.

“We can now generate all the data we need to make informed business decisions in one operation,” Doug enthuses.



Before, Nemko’s business information was in a static format. Now, the team is excited as they can switch between different views with a click of a mouse. They can see the information they need quickly and easily. They have saved countless hours manually maintaining and pulling reports from different solutions.

And there is something for sales, as well. Nemko’s salespeople now have what they need to focus on right in front of them. CRM Analytics brings all the necessary data into their daily workspace with a specific dashboard view as their start screen.

"We are delighted with what Fluido has done: utilising the capabilities of CRM analytics and building the dashboard for us. We are only scratching the surface here. I’m looking forward to what we will be doing in the future."

Doug Hughes, Nemko’s Director, Global Sales and Business Development

“We are delighted with what Fluido has done: utilising the capabilities of CRM analytics and building the dashboard for us. We are only scratching the surface here. I’m looking forward to what we will be doing in the future,” Doug concludes.


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