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Puzzel: Modernising the processes and providing visibility

Puzzel wanted to solve their challenges and requirements by using the same solution their owner Marlin Equity Partners uses. The schedule was tight, but in the end Puzzel’s expectations were surpassed with Salesforce and Fluido

Puzzel is a cloud-native omnichannel customer service platform. Around 800 million customer interactions are handled every year with their easy-to-use service platform, resulting in a convenient and personal customer experience.

Leading companies from different industries worldwide have chosen Puzzel to ensure a superb customer experience. Established in 2017, Puzzel now serves over 1000 customers worldwide.

Puzzel needed a new CRM, reporting, and CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solutions. Prior to Salesforce, Puzzel had another solution in use covering their reporting and pipeline. However, Puzzel realised they were missing out on many of Salesforce’s benefits. On top of the new systems, they required more visibility of their processes, Puzzel’s Sales Operations Manager Anette Johnsen explains.

Goodbye old solution, hello modern tools

Puzzel is owned by an American company, which is also using Salesforce. Not only was Salesforce the best solution for Puzzel’s particular challenges and requirements, but using the same tools as Puzzel’s owner company would make processes, such as reporting, more consistent. The choice was clear.

For their transformation, Puzzel decided to use Fluido as an implementation partner.

“We did not know Fluido from the past, but they came highly recommended. Then we conducted a meeting with Salesforce and Fluido,” Johnsen explains. “Fluido’s prior experience matched our needs. It seemed like Fluido really understood our challenges; the initial workshop went well, they made it personal, and they seem to have a deep understanding of Salesforce.”

The schedule for the implementation was tight, but everything was done really well and on time. Puzzel and Fluido had a good back-and-forth dialogue during the process, and it was easy for Puzzel to confirm that Fluido had understood everything correctly.

Compared to Puzzel’s old solution, Salesforce provides powerful tools and many functions to help Puzzel in everyday business and decision-making.

“Press a button and see the entire picture and how we are doing. This is crucial for making the right decisions. We’ve also gained more control over the customer and the prospect space,” Johnsen says.

“Fluido is a really good partner with highly skilled consultants. We have a working partner relationship, and we’ve had a lot of touchpoints during the process.”

Clear benefits from customer to executive board — and everyone in between

Puzzel’s board prefers detailed reporting. All their companies are now using Salesforce, and they can even use the same template covering everything the board wishes to see. This makes everything more brand-aligned and makes reporting and understanding easier.

“We can just export the report from the system. I would estimate that I save 2–3 working days a month just by using Salesforce and having the data available,” Johnsen mentions.

“Salesforce provides us with more visibility and helps especially when looking forward to where we are going. Now we have a healthy pipeline, we can easily track activities from the team, and also track neglected customers. This helps the team also. It is easier for them to plan their day — to have just the right amount of work on the table.”

The sales department was not the only one to benefit from the solution. With Salesforce, Puzzel’s lead production was enhanced, and product and vertical marketing were improved as well.

“We have also been able to knock down our rivals with the funnel. The marketing comes in with leads that are transferred — we did not have that before, the whole customer journey. Now we have integrated two services and even billing is smoother,” Johnsen adds.

The customer experience is also enhanced, with neglected customers visible to Puzzel’s customer experience team. This results in better follow-ups, and customer inquiries are easy to respond to.

“I would say that we have a 20% increase in bookings. We also save time, have the funnel, and have a higher hit rate. Now we really can see if we lack somewhere. Outreach, reliability in the pipeline — it is easier to check whether we have the gaps — and there are fewer errors. We are able to do a really good analysis on where we are at all times,” states Johnsen.

“Fluido is highly professional and skilful. They have a deep Salesforce knowledge and know the whole Salesforce ecosystem, not only Sales Cloud. They also managed to impress me with their CPQ know-how which requires a lot of expertise.”

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