Create a seamless experience across applications


Digital transformation changes expectations: everyone wants better service, faster delivery, less cost. Integrated, secure and accurate data helps you meet — and exceed — those expectations by enabling a seamless experience across applications.


The right data at the right time

Informatica Cloud’s point-and-click tools make it easy for any user — regardless of technical expertise — to bring clean, safe, and connected data from any application or data service to any Salesforce cloud at the right time. It’s a great solution to increase your process efficiency and gain a better overview of your business while keeping maintenance minimal. With Informatica, you can ensure that your data is regulatory compliant and its integrity is not compromised.

Fluido Experience

We are here to help if you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your Salesforce integration needs. As your integration partner, Fluido will dive deep into the requirements of your business, as well as into your processes and data. We are trusted by Informatica as their reselling and implementation partner. Our certified experts’ professionalism, combined with our extensive data management and integration experience, will ensure your project is a success!

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