Salesforce Field Service management

Salesforce Field Service management software offers efficient onsite job management supported by real-time collaboration.

Are you looking for a way to increase the efficiency and customer satisfaction of your field service operations? Most companies are working towards being even more customer-centric than before. With field service software, onsite job management can be handled together with real-time collaboration and access to job schedules, inventory, knowledge articles, and more. Additionally, the best in class intelligent dispatching and predictive maintenance schemes that are enabled by artificial intelligence and IOT can be enormous cost savers and have a great impact on customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Field Service management software

Salesforce Field Service (formerly known as Salesforce Field Service Lightning) solution enables you to improve the agility, efficiency and customer experience of your field service operations.

With Salesforce Field service you can intelligently assign and prioritize employee’s jobs according to their skills and locations. Help employees to manage their work and keep up to date with safety protocols with offline mobile app. Offer remote assistance to customers reducing the need for in-person visits. Use Field Service Analytics to gain real time visibility into operational performance and KPI’s.

Asset management

If you want to have field service operations that work in unison with the other aspects of your customer journey, you need to have 360-degree visibility of your customers’ assets as well.

Built natively for Salesforce Field Service, ServiceMax Asset 360 solution enables comprehensive asset management functionalities. Its core capabilities deliver complete visibility into your install base, service contracts and asset performance.

Understanding everything about the status of the assets you are servicing is paramount. Your primary responsibility is to ensure that the assets on the field operate to their maximum potential. This is how you provide the most effective service while optimizing the profit margin of your business.

Resource management

With resource management you can manage scheduling and route optimization in a more effective way. The resource management functionalities of Salesforce Field Service and ServiceMax Core help dispatchers to get a better understanding of current availability of resources.

Using inbuilt optimization capabilities of Salesforce Field Service, service appointments can be dispatched automatically and field service experts can be notified automatically on any assigned jobs. This results in less back office workload and missed opportunities.

Field service management app

Having an easy to use field service management app is an integral part of any field service solution. The mobile app gives the field service engineers the capabilities they need to be successful on the field, regardless if they are online or offline.

Our field service experts have implemented various solutions for our customers, such as work order debrief processes, automatic time entry management, checklist processes, image capture flows, opportunity creation, part swap functionality, new appointment creation and tailored custom mobile extensions on the Salesforce Field Service and the ServiceMax GO mobile applications.

Salesforce platform foundation

You can utilize Salesforce’s platform capabilities to further tailor your field service management solution to fit your business. It enables you to seamlessly connect with various other IT solutions of your business, such as CRM, customer service, marketing, analytics and IoT. This in turn helps you to leverage the data from your field service operations for various purposes, such as marketing and customer service.

Ebook: Preparing for a field service solution implementation

Do you want to know more about technology modernization and the way your organization’s field service operations are run? In this guide, we will cover the three major elements to consider when it comes to ensuring your readiness to embark on any field service transformation journey.


Fluido as Field Service Partner

With the combined experience from over 40 successful field service projects on the platform, Fluido offers a full suite of Salesforce Field Service Management and ServiceMax Asset 360 advisory and implementation services. See our reviews on AppExchange here.

Through our implementation experience we understand the most common requirements of various industries on a very practical level. We have helped many of our customers to gain visibility into their asset data for example by displaying key asset data for the engineers on the field via mobile app.

We have also implemented functionalities, such as parts swap, that ensure that the as-maintained configuration status of the asset is kept up to date at all times. This, along with the up-to-date list of bill of materials helps our customers to plan and execute the required service with minimal hiccups.

Field Service customer case: Are

Are Oy is a leading Finnish family owned company within building maintenance and technology with more 100 years of experience in its industry. See our reference video where Are tells how they increased their field service efficiency and transparency with Salesforce Field Service and Fluido.

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