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Digital transformation in manufacturing is about creating new business models and making smarter decisions in a connected world of humans, machines, and devices. It is about doing more in less time, creating new opportunities, transforming physical product sales into services, and exploring new ways of operating that fundamentally change the business models of manufacturing companies today.

The fourth industrial revolution is also about adapting to a new reality. Having the right technology platform to handle new business and delivery models is vital. Digital transformation will be a success for those who can connect information technology with operations and create a holistic view of the customer across processes and functions.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud: enabling customer-centric business for manufacturers

Manufacturing Cloud is an industry-specific offering from Salesforce to connect manufacturing’s front-office and back-office operations for a more cohesive experience with partners, employees, and end customers. Leveraging AI-driven data, automated sales processes, and field service innovation, the Manufacturing Cloud platform has proven itself repeatedly as the cloud software of choice for top manufacturing companies.

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End-to-end solutions for manufacturing

Field Service

Intelligent dispatching, routing, and predictive maintenance schemes enabled through artificial intelligence and IoT can be enormous cost savers and greatly impact customer satisfaction. Read more here.

Data & analytics

At the core of digital transformation is data and intelligence to empower you with recommendations, predictions and automation. Einstein Artificial Intelligence works across processes ultimately it helps you concentrate on what matters the most — your customers. Read more here.

Integration & Analytics

Digital transformation changes expectations: everyone wants better service, faster delivery, and less cost. Data enables your transformation journey with a seamless experience across applications and devices. With Salesforce Analytics Cloud, you can drive your transformation and make better decisions based on real insights. Read more here.


Pricing, product configuration, renewals management and quotations can be time-consuming and complex processes if handled manually — but implementing a CPQ solution will increase efficiency and add a layer of quality assurance to your offers. Fluido has a dedicated CPQ team with deep knowledge of product modeling, business processes and industry-leading solutions to help you streamline your quoting process. Read more here.

b2b eCommerce & Self-Service Communities

B2B eCommerce platforms and self-service communities are a necessity for enterprises as the b2b space goes digital. Salesforce b2b Commerce delivers unbeaten value, keeps your customers close, and transforms your business models. Responsive templates and stylish design ensure that the b2b customer experience is no longer behind that of the b2c world. Read more here.

Marketing Automation

In Intelligent Industry there is no longer a disconnect between marketing and sales. Delivering strategic and personalized marketing programs and getting actionable insight on customer preferences throughout the customer journey will be an integral part of any b2b sales and marketing organization. Salesforce Pardot delivers a fully connected experience with the Salesforce platform to deliver this vision. Read more here.

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Accelerate your digital transformation in manufacturing

In this ebook we will look at how manufacturers can hone their strategy for the digital transformation from three central perspectives: managing digital experiences, utilizing data and leading change. The guide offers easy-to-use checklists and graphs to help you start navigating your company’s digital future.

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