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Sustainability in manufacturing

The future goal is sustainable digitalisation to meet growing industry expectations. Together with our customers, we aim to be at the forefront of this Industry 5.0 transition.

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Accelerate your digital transformation in manufacturing (Manufacturing e-Book)

In this ebook, we look at how manufacturers can hone their strategy for digital transformation from three central perspectives: managing digital experiences, utilizing data, and leading change. The guide offers easy-to-use checklists and graphs to help you start navigating your company’s digital future.


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Manufacturing — Building a digital future together

Manufacturers’ future viability depends on learning to think and act like digital natives. As the speed of digital change increases, there is a need for new, more agile strategies.

Manufacturing is one of Fluido’s leading areas of expertise, and our long-term commitment to our customers has given us insight into how the manufacturing industry works.

Fluido knows how to unlock the twin transition capabilities, sustainable digitalisation and sustainability through digitalisation are at our core.

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Ilkka Donoghue

Manufacturing Practice Lead